This facility depicts that we care about your diet routines. Diet doesn’t mean following recipes or losing weight because it is a lifestyle option that enhances our quality of life. It encourages preference of nutritional food and maintaining the balance between body, mind and soul. This perspective inspired our slogan “My Life Concept.”

  1. The Diet Care clinic & weight loss plans
    • Staffed by Diet Care’s team of internationally accredited dietitians and nutritionists, the Diet Care clinic open its doors six-days a week to help people overcome their diet challenges and achieve their weight-loss goals. Located in Sharq and Al Bairaq Mall, Diet Care has a team of over 10 clinical dietitians, each advising and average of 15 customers a days, in private and in confidence.
  2. Diet Care Boutique, gourmet diet food
    • Diet Care Boutique is a bakery and food counter offering customers signature food assortments for all occasion and times of day. Diet Care Boutique is located at select cooperative supermarkets and on-site at local businesses like the National Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, offering healthy alternative for cooked and baked assortments.
  3. Ready-to-eat supermarket products
    • Diet Care is in a continuous move towards delivering healthy and delicious meals to a wider market. In 2006, Diet Care was the first to enter the retail “pre-packed, ready-to-eat” food market by providing freshly made, and easy to purchase healthy meals at local cooperative supermarkets.
  4. Catering to the healthcare industry
    • Diet Care has catered to hospitals since 2007 through on-site facilities, chefs, and nutritionists serving every patient with their nutritional needs, every day. The notion “hospital food is bad food” is non-existent at Diet Care-served hospitals. We currently serve patients great tasting food that is nutritionally-fit for their medical condition.


  1. Diet Care is the only nutrition center in Kuwait with microbiology lab.
  2. Diet Care is the only caterer, health and nutrition center, or clinic in Kuwait certified by the Arab Center for Nutrition.