Chairman Message

Mr. Ahmad Al-Abdali

Chairman & CEO



A’amal Holding Co. receives inspiration from the thriving and successful business empires both local and international, and aspires to surpass everyone else and become much more enriching and beneficial for the domestic market. Our ultimate objective is to sustain our mission, which is of promoting local talent and employing advanced, skill-based and fruitful business strategies without compromising on our cultural heritage or undermining your expectations.

A’amal Holding Co. was established with a clear goal in mind; to govern our aims/objectives, policies, vision and critical success indicators. Our business approach entitles Stakeholders as the primary assets while customer satisfaction, environmental concerns, employee motivation, embedding of innovation and finding new opportunities form the hallmark of our business plan.

On behalf of Aamal Holding Co. owners and staff, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to our Hospitality Services and salient Commercial activities.